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Eligibility and Candidacy Process

Illustration of the eligibility and Candidacy process.

Eligibility to Initial Site Visit Timeline

Illustration of eligibility and Candidacy timelines.

ACEN Accreditation Process

Illustration of the ACEN Accreditation process.

Digital Brochures

Advisory Review

An Advisory Review is an opportunity for faculty and administrators, who are preparing for an accreditation site visit, to receive more extensive support and comprehensive feedback from an ACEN Director.

Volunteer as an ACEN Peer Evaluator

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An ACEN Peer Evaluator is a representative of the ACEN who makes recommendations for a program’s accreditation status to the ACEN Board of Commissioners (BOC). Peer evaluators may be nurse administrators, nurse educators, or nurse clinicians. Click here to apply.

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Brief introduction to the ACEN accreditation.

Candidacy – Your Pathway to Accreditation

Brief introduction to ACEN Candidacy process.


Brief introduction to ACEN Transition-to-Practice accreditation.

Advisory Review Flyer

Brief introduction to the Advisory Review service.