Post-Site Visit: What's Next

Site Visit Report Response

Upon receipt of the final Site Visit Report (approximately 8 weeks after the conclusion of the visit), the program faculty will have an opportunity to submit a response to the findings, including any errors of fact, additional information, or changes since the time of the site visit.

A link to the Program Response Form will be sent by a member of the ACEN Staff.

Evaluation Review Panel/Transition-to-Practice Committee

The Self-Study Report, the Site Visit Report, and the programs response will be reviewed by the Evaluation Review Panel (ERP, for nursing education programs) or the Transition-to-Practice Committee (TTP Committee, for TTP programs). These post-site visit review bodies make a recommendation about the program’s compliance with the Standards and Criteria to the Board of Commissioners (BOC).

Board of Commissioners' Decision

The onsite peer evaluators' and post-site visit reviewers’ recommendations regarding compliance with the Accreditation Standards, along with the Self-Study Report and Site Visit Report, are forwarded to the Board of Commissioners for review and action.

Decision options for the Board of Commissioners are based on ACEN Policy #4. The dates for the Evaluation Review Panel and Board of Commissioners meetings are available on the ACEN Calendar.