Annual Report

The ACEN Annual Report launches every year in mid-October and is due two weeks later.

Annual Reporting

All accredited programs are required to submit an Annual Report. Report information will be requested by overall program, and also by program option in some cases.

The Annual Report will request, at a minimum, the following information:

ACEN staff will review the information to ensure that programs continue to comply with policies and reporting requirements. Significant changes will be referred to the ACEN Board of Commissioners, and action may be taken as appropriate. Failure to submit the Annual Report could result in the ACEN Board of Commissioners taking appropriate action, including altering the program’s accreditation status.

Per Policy #7 failure to submit the Annual Report is a form of voluntary withdrawal as the completion and submission of the Annual Report is a requirement of accreditation.

Data are compiled by the individual programs for monitoring purposes and reported in aggregate form trended over time. Programs with Title IV-HEA responsibilities must also submit information regarding compliance with their Title IV responsibilities and the result of financial or compliance audits.