Substantive Changes

What is a Substantive Change?

A substantive change is a significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of a nursing program and/or nursing education. The purpose of the substantive change policy and process is to keep the ACEN informed of changes in the program or governing organization between accreditation visits.

See Policy #14 Reporting Substantive Changes for detailed information about ACEN requirements.

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Substantive Change Guidelines

Change in Nurse Administrator

A change in Nurse Administrator must be reported to the ACEN no later than one (1) month after the permanent or interim nurse administrator assumes duties/responsibilities.

To report a change in Nurse Administrator, download and complete the following form: Nurse Administrator Change (.docx)

The completed form must be submitted as a Word document or searchable PDF through the ACEN website using the Substantive Change Portal.

Substantive Change Templates

Substantive changes must be reported using the appropriate Substantive Change Template. If you are unsure of which template to use, please contact the Substantive Change Coordinator at (404) 975-5000.

Please submit completed substantive change reports using the Substantive Change Portal. Substantive Change Reports must be submitted as searchable PDF files.

Substantive Change Portal: Submissions and Questions

Use the Substantive Change Portal to:

For reporting changes that are not considered substantive in accordance with Policy #14, but may require updating of ACEN records, submit a non-substantive change notice.

If you require ACEN acknowledgment of a change in your program in compliance with another regulatory body, submit a non-substantive notice identifying what information is needed in the ACEN response.

Non-Substantive Changes and Acknowledgments

To report changes to that are not considered substantive in accordance with Policy #14 Reporting Substantive Changes, but are necessary updates for our records, please use the Substantive Change Portal to submit a request using the Report a Non-Substantive Change form.

Examples of non-substantive changes include:

  • Changes in contact information (legal name, credentials, email address, etc.)
  • Changes in President/Chief Executive Officer
  • Changes in mailing address for the Governing Organization or nursing education unit (not physical relocations)
  • Changes in name for the Governing Organization (not as a result of a change in ownership/merger)*

*Note: For changes in governing organization name, please submit a notice on the organization’s letterhead and documentation verifying that the institutional accreditor and/or U.S. Department of Education have acknowledged the change.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, see FAQs: Substantive Change