Advisory Review


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The purpose of an Advisory Review is to assist an ACEN accredited program in preparation for the continuing accreditation process. The review is an opportunity for an ACEN accredited program to receive more extensive support and comprehensive feedback from an assigned ACEN Director regarding the accreditation process review, transition to the 2023 Standards and Criteria, and/or review of select draft accreditation documents (e.g., draft narrative for a select Standard, faculty profile table, SPE). Ideally, the Advisory Review would take place 1 to 2 years before a scheduled site visit and may be conducted via video conference or in-person on a case-by-case basis.

An Advisory Review is a 100% optional resource for currently accredited programs and is not a requirement for continuing accreditation. Director feedback indicates the Director’s best judgment but does not guarantee that the Board of Commissioners will determine that it complies with ACEN Standards and Criteria.

“I cannot express how much it helped to have the review. …Without the review I know the site visit would not have gone as smoothly as it did. I liked that [the advisor] took time to read standards that we were working on and then had a face-to-face visit with us through Adobe Connect. I had my entire faculty attend. Afterwards everyone had a better idea of the direction we should be going in. [The advisor] also allowed us to make changes and resend to her to see if we understood her recommendations.”

Cynthia Stinson, PhD, APRN, CNS, RN-BC, Chair JoAnne Gay Dishman School of Nursing, Lamar University Beaumont, Texas

“The Advisory Review provided much needed peace of mind and a direction to go in terms of improvement. The process iteself was simple and straighforward. We were able to have all of our full-time faculty members present for the review which added to their knowledge of the accreditation process. Thank you!”

Melanie Livingston, MSNEd, RN, Program Director, Practical Nursing
Mountainland Technical College

Advisory Review Costs

The fee for an advisory review varies depending upon whether the program elects to have a teleconference/video conference or an in-person review. See the ACEN Fee Schedule. The fees include the assigned ACEN Director’s preparation time required to necessitate the Advisory Review. The fees do not include travel expenses (e.g., travel, food, lodging, etc.) for an in-person review. A face-to-face Advisory Review is not a mock visit.

Scheduling an Advisory Review

Please complete the online Request for Advisory Review Form, and a staff member will contact you to discuss the Advisory Review process.


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