If you are unable to view the Verification of Accreditation Status Form , please click here to email us.  For accreditation verification requests, include the following required information in your email: name of governing organization; city and state; program type; and month and year of graduation.  Verifications are processed in the order received.  Please allow up to fourteen (14) days for processing.


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Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer
Marsal P. Stoll, EdD, MSN

Associate Directors
Nell Ard, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
Abigail Gerding, PhD, MS, RN
Georgia Vest, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE

Assistant to the Office of the CEO
Justin Jerome

Administrative Assistant
for Professional Staff
Robert Steinbruegge

Accreditation Specialist
Katherine Little

Administrative Assistant
for Accreditation Services

Matthew Middlebrooks

Administrative Assistant
for Accreditation Support

Michaela Canzius

Director of Operations
Alex Mariquit

Administrative Assistant
for Operations

Christine Favole

Data and Records Assistant
Vishal Patel

Operations Assistant
Jessica Dermody

Operations Assistant
Lori Sharpe

Stephanie Larson

Accounting Specialist
Jocelyn Pineda