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July 2016

Commission Approves 2017 Standards and

Publishing Student Outcome Data

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Public Notice of Proposed New and Revised Policies

Per ACEN Policy #11, ACEN is providing notice of proposed revisions to Policies #2, #3, and #29 as well as two new policies – Policies #31 and #32. Interested parties have the opportunity to offer comments from August 16, 2016 to September 16, 2016.

The proposed revisions and new policies are based on:

  1. Clarifying, aligning, and/or updating ACEN policies/procedures with contemporary accreditation business practices.
  2. Ensuring compliance with USDOE regulations.


Call for Volunteers
ACEN Accreditation Conference Committee

The ACEN is planning to host its inaugural Annual Accreditation Conference in 2018. This anticipated event seeks to connect the community of nursing education accreditation scholars by creating dialogue about nursing education accreditation; to educate program faculty about accreditation to increase success with the ACEN accreditation process; and to create networking opportunities within the community of scholars on nursing education accreditation.

ACEN Board Approves
2017 Standards and Criteria for Accreditation

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) is pleased to announce that after careful review and consideration of all comments received, the ACEN Board of Commissioners voted at its July 2016 meeting to approve the revisions to the Standards.


ACEN Self-Study Forums
Featuring the 2017 Standards and Criteria

We are excited to offer the Forums in two locations, Atlanta  and Baltimore.  Registration is still open for the Baltimore Fall 2016 Self-Study Forums with limited space available – REGISTER TODAY.  The Atlanta Fall 2016 Self-Study Forum is filled to capacity and registration is now closed.  The Forums will feature the 2017 ACEN Standards and Criteria.  Each Forum will also be offering a free special morning session to registered attendees of that Forum location: A Focus on Standard 6 Outcomes in September; and A Focus on Standard 4 Curriculum in October.  Click here to learn more about the ACEN Self-Study Forums.

Why Eight-Year Accreditation Cycles?
8 Years Is 8 Years…

A question often asked is why is the accreditation timeframe for ACEN eight (8) years instead of ten (10) years like other accrediting agencies, and whether ACEN is considering changing its accreditation cycle from eight (8) years to ten (10) years?