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ACEN is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation


The ACEN Supports Academic Progression in Nursing


ACEN Recognizes ACCET as
an Institutional Accreditor

ATLANTA, Nov. 16, 2017 — The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) announced today that the ACEN Board of Commissioners has approved the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) as an ACEN-recognized institutional accreditation agency. The decision by the ACEN Board creates a tremendous new opportunity for ACCET-accredited institutions with practical nursing programs to attain programmatic accreditation with the ACEN, and promotes advancement of both the ACCET and the ACEN’s missions.

The ACCET was founded in 1974 for the purpose of improving continuing education and training. This readily aligns with the ACEN’s goal to strengthen the quality of nursing education, from practical and diploma programs, to associate, baccalaureate, master’s/post-master’s certificate, and clinical doctorate/DNP specialist certificate nursing programs. Accreditation is a voluntary peer-review process intended to enhance quality of education, and it signals to the general public and to the educational community that an institution or a program has clear and appropriate educational objectives and that it is working to achieve these objectives.

ACCET-accredited practical nursing programs interested in seeking ACEN accreditation can find more details about the ACEN accreditation process and requirements at To learn more about the ACCET and the institutions which the Council accredits, please visit

Call for Comments
Draft 2 – Transition-to-Practice
Standards and Criteria

The ACEN is pleased to announce the second draft and call for comments on the Standards and Criteria for accreditation of nursing Transition-to-Practice (TTP) programs. As many of you are aware, approximately two years ago, in response to The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2011) report recommending that “accrediting bodies…support a nurses’ completion of a transition-to-practice program (nurse residency) after they have completed a prelicensure or advanced practice degree program or when they are transitioning into new clinical practice areas” and requests  from healthcare agencies, the ACEN initiated efforts to develop an accreditation process for nursing Transition-to-Practice programs.


Call for Nominations
ACEN Board of Commissioners
and Nominating Committee

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) is seeking nominations for five (5) Commissioners for the ACEN Board of Commissioners and one (1) member for the ACEN Nominating Committee. The ACEN values the perspectives of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and seeks to include the broadest range of perspectives within the composition of the Board of Commissioners.



ACEN Program Administrators Workshop
April 4, 2018 Workshop

Learning the role and responsibilities of the program administrator and progressing from a novice to an expert in the position requires a well-planned orientation and mentoring process. This workshop provides the novice and advanced-beginner program administrator with information related to the ACEN accreditation policies and processes.


Announcing the Inaugural
ACEN Annual Accreditation Conference

The Steering Committee of the ACEN Accreditation Conference is proud to announce our Inaugural Conference scheduled July 12-14, 2018 at the Omni Atlanta Hotel – CNN Center.

The conference theme is “Quality Education through Accreditation.”

The purpose of this conference is to provide a scholarly forum in which faculty, nurse administrators, and students of ACEN-accredited programs share best practices in nursing education.


ACEN History of Ensuring Quality
in Nursing Education

From Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton to Louisa May Alcott and Walt Whitman, nursing has a rich history; a history that may not be known by many but is upheld through nursing education and nursing education accreditation. The ACEN is a proud member of the nursing community, with decades of experience in nursing education accreditation and an eye on the future.


What Does It Take for an
Accrediting Agency to Earn Recognition?

In the United States there are two entities that recognize accrediting agencies – the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The USDE defines recognition as “…an accrediting agency complies with the criteria for recognition…and that the agency is effective in its application of those criteria.” Additionally, an agency is “…a reliable authority regarding the quality of education or training offered by institutions or programs it accredits…” The ACEN is recognized by both the USDE and CHEA…


Why Eight-Year Accreditation Cycles?
8 Years Is 8 Years…

A question often asked is why is the accreditation timeframe for ACEN eight (8) years instead of ten (10) years like other accrediting agencies, and whether ACEN is considering changing its accreditation cycle from eight (8) years to ten (10) years?