What to Expect from the ACEN 2022 Nursing Education Accreditation Conference

What to Expect from the ACEN 2022 Nursing Education Accreditation Conference

Written by: Michaela Belgrave, MS
Communications Coordinator, ACEN

Published: May 2022

May is almost over, and we are less than eight weeks away from the ACEN’s largest event of the year, the ACEN 2022 Nursing Education Accreditation Conference. This year, we’re excited to host the accreditation conference in-person again (and virtually) in the ACEN’s hometown, Atlanta, Georgia! The conference brings together the innovators, front line workers, educators, administrators, students, and others in nursing education to form a community of scholarship, exchange ideas, and keep current with contemporary practices in nursing education. Whether you’re a nurse administrator, nurse educator, or nursing student, there’s something at the conference for you! Here are 11 things you can expect this year.

1. The mobile app

The ACEN Accreditation Conference is a paperless event utilizing a handy mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android) to share the event agenda, speaker details, session handouts, and exhibit hall maps with you. You can even download the handouts (either to your device or to your computer) to reference them again after the Conference. And the best part? The app features a social element that allows you to connect with all of the other attendees in one place!

2. Breakout sessions and virtual posters

You are guaranteed to take home priceless knowledge and tips from attending the Conference–there are 18 live breakout sessions for you to choose from in addition to 20 virtual poster presentations. This is an investment in yourself, and if you bring your team of educators with you, an additional investment in your program.

3. Over 20 hours of CEs

The Conference offers an incredible value for your money with an opportunity for attendees to earn up to 20 hours of Continuing Education Units.

4. Networking reception

Join your peers for a two-hour evening reception on July 13th in the beautiful Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View.

5. City of Atlanta

Atlanta is a fantastic hub of activity, great for both events and vacations. Did you know it’s considered the Hollywood of the south? Or as we like to call it, “Y’allywood.” From excellent restaurants to fabulous shopping and an exciting nightlife, you will NOT be disappointed in your destination. Check out the Best Things to Do in Downtown Atlanta:  https://www.atlanta.net/50fun/downtown/.

6. An exhibit hall full of vendors

Vendors will be exhibiting in-person and virtually through the conference website. What does this mean for you? An incredible opportunity to learn about new products, new businesses, and new services, all in one place. Additionally, many of the vendors will be offering exclusive promotions at the event so you will be able to return home knowing that you have the best deal available.

7. General Session with NCSBN

Have Next Generation NCLEX® on your mind? Good news for you! This session will provide you with an overview of the changes coming to the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN examinations, effective April 1, 2023. Specific focus areas will include the case studies and new item types NCSBN will use to measure clinical judgment, the new scoring models that will be applied, and the new structure and composition of the test itself.

8. The Human Library

Have you ever visited your local library and “borrowed” a person who is as engaging and full of information as a book? No? At the ACEN Accreditation Conference you can do just that! “Check out” an expert ACEN Board of Commissioner or peer evaluator for 20 minutes and talk to them, ask questions, and get advice and suggestions. The Human Library is a FREE discussion and is ONLY available at this Conference.

9. The Knowledge Café

Sit down with a cup of coffee and study exemplary ACEN Self-Study Reports, Site Visit Reports, and Focused Site Visit Reports. These are never available to the public, EXCEPT at the Conference (with the permission of the program). Take notes and help yourself and your program by learning how to write the best report possible.

10. A sneak peek of the New 2023 Standards and Criteria

The ACEN Directors will be diving into the distinct differences between the 2017 Accreditation Standards and Criteria and the new 2023 Standards and Criteria on the last day of the conference, July 15th. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to prepare for the upcoming changes!

11. Spending time with your peers!

The absolute best reason to attend the ACEN Annual Conference is YOU and YOUR PEERS. The camaraderie, peer networking, inspiration, and pure fun that you will have at this event is in a class of its own. One thing guaranteed is that you won’t regret coming to the 2022 ACEN Nursing Education Accreditation Conference!

If you want to broaden your network and uncover new ideas in nursing education, then the 2022 Nursing Education Accreditation Conference is the event for you!

See you there!