Proposed Revisions to Policies and Proposed New Policies for Transition-to-Practice

Per ACEN Transition-to-Practice Policy #210 Public Notice of Proposed Policy Changes for Transition-to-Practice Programs, the ACEN is providing notice of proposed revisions to Policies #201, #204, #206, #208, #209, #211, #212, and #225, and proposed new Policy #228 and #229.

Interested parties have the opportunity to offer comments from June 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020. Please submit comments online at

Legend for proposed changes:

Proposed deletions have strikethrough and highlighted in yellow.
Additions are in red text.

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  1. Policy #201: Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest for Transition-to-Practice Programs
  2. Policy #204: Types of Commission Actions for Initial and Continuing Accreditation for Transition-to-Practice Programs
  3. Policy #206: Delay/Advancement of Continuing Accreditation Visit for Transition-to-Practice Programs
  4. Policy #208: Disclosure of Information about the Transition-to-Practice Program
  5. Policy #209: Appeal Process Subsequent to Adverse Action for Transition-to-Practice Programs
  6. Policy #211: Transition-to-Practice Program Records on File
  7. Policy #212: Reporting Substantive Changes for Transition-to-Practice Programs
  8. Policy #225: Candidacy for a Sponsoring Organization/Transition-to-Practice Program Seeking Initial Accreditation
  9. Policy #228: Third-Party Discovery Request for Transition-to-Practice Programs
  10. Policy #229: Binding Arbitration Third-Party Discovery Request for Transition-to-Practice Program

Rationale for All Proposed Changes
Proposed changes are routine business practice updates by the ACEN.

Effective Date of Implementation of Proposed Changes
Immediately upon the approval by the ACEN Board of Commissioners. The ACEN Board of Commissioners is scheduled to meet on September 9-10, 2020.


Please submit comments online by June 30, 2020.