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Team Communications

After receiving a copy of the site visit team assignment notification, review your contact information and communicate any necessary corrections to the ACEN. The team chair is responsible for contacting all members of the site visit team AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to agree upon the preferred method of future communications amongst the team and begin travel planning for the site visit.


Travel Planning

To facilitate planning for your site visit, please download the Travel Policy* from the ACEN website.


Note: The ACEN values your commitment to serve as one of our peer evaluators. It is our goal to ensure that each program and team have a positive, collegial visit experience from the date assignment and team selection process to the completion of the visit and final decision. Acceptance of an invitation to serve as an ACEN peer evaluator is a role that is essential to the success of each program’s accreditation process. Once accepted, the peer evaluator is committed to complete the visit.

Programs commit faculty, staff, and fiscal resources to ensure that they are prepared for the site visit team. Their goal is to have a successful visit. Much of the program’s preparation begins a minimum of 12 months prior to the visit dates. Failure to participate on a site visit team after an invitation is accepted can result in a negative experience for the program and other team members, and may cause the program to incur additional costs related to reassigning team members and/or rescheduling a visit.


Making Travel Arrangements

Each member of the team is responsible for making his or her own travel arrangements.

Team Chair
Travel arrangements should be made to ensure preferable flight times and compliance with the ACEN travel policy.  Please contact the nurse administrator to confirm the airport that the team should use for travel.  Please begin to coordinate travel with the Nurse Administrator, Team Members, and book flights through American Express Global Business Travel (AEGBT) within two (2) weeks of receiving the site visit team notification.

Team Members
All team members should contact the Team Chair before making travel arrangements to facilitate coordination as much as possible. Once confirmed with the Team Chair (for timing and specific airport information), please search for and book your flights through AEGBT within two (2) weeks of receiving the site visit team notification.

Booking Travel Through American Express Global Business Travel (AEGBT)

Air Travel Timing
All team members should plan to travel to the program the day before the visit is scheduled to begin. For return flights, consider the distance from the program to the airport as there could be a lengthy commute from the program to the airport.  At a minimum, return flights should not be booked before noon on the last scheduled day of the visit.  Please verify departure times of return flights with the team chair.

Selecting Flights
The preferred cost for flights is $400 or less. Any single, round-trip flight or two (2), one-way flights combined that exceed $400 is subject to approval by Alex Mariquit prior to the final reservation being confirmed. Any single round-trip flight or two (2), one-way flights combined over $400 will be cancelled automatically in AEGBT if not approved by ACEN staff. Do not assume flights over $400 will be approved. Please work proactively with ACEN Travel Support staff to ensure you have a confirmed flight(s). Written confirmation is provided via email once final approval is granted and prior to finalizing arrangements. All peer evaluators must return to AEGBT to complete the booking process upon receipt of final approval.

All travel should be booked using ONLY the American Express Global Business Travel (AEGBT) website (preferably Tuesday–Thursday, before 5:00pm (for the best priced options). PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE AEGBT TRAVEL SPECIALIST NUMBER TO BOOK TRAVEL. Resources to assist when booking can be found on the ACEN website on the Resources for Peer Evaluators tab. You may access the materials directly at https://www.acenursing.org/resources-peer-evaluators/resources-pe-travel

American Express Global Business Travel (AEGBT) Website: https://acentravel.gbtconnect.com

Online Travel Specialist for Travel Disruptions ONLY: (669) 272-1434

If you are a first-time peer evaluator or if you have lost access to your account, please contact ACEN Travel Support at ([email protected]) for a new login and password.  ACEN Travel Support is available during normal business hours. Please remember that ACEN is on Eastern Time. 

When planning travel for your site visit, each team member should note the visit dates carefully. While most visits are three (3) days beginning on Tuesday and ending on Thursday, some visits occur on other days due to the program’s clinical schedules.

Extensions and Other Forms of Travel

Planned Travel Exceptions
Exceptions such as driving, extending your stay or arriving early require pre-approval and authorization from Alex Mariquit ([email protected]).

Ground Transportation 
The nursing program is responsible for all ground transportation of peer evaluators from air or rail terminals and during the site visit; this ensure that the team members are covered by the institution’s liability insurance. The team chair should confer with the nurse administrator to confirm the arrangements and share the information with the rest of the team members. Peer evaluators may not provide ground transportation during a site visit.

Driving to Site Visits 
If driving a personal vehicle is the best method of travel, remember that pre-authorization is required for reimbursement in order for a team member to be covered by the ACEN liability insurance. Please email Alex Mariquit ([email protected]) at least four (4) weeks in advance of your visit for approval. Reimbursement for use of personal vehicles is calculated based on a rate of $0.58 a mile up to the cost of air or rail travel in accordance with the ACEN Travel Policy. Upon arrival at the hotel, the traveler may not use their personal vehicle to fulfill any aspect of the site visit. The program is responsible for the team chair and team member’s transportation to/from respective program site(s).


In the Event of a Travel Disruption

Travel Disruption Advice
We hope that traveling to your upcoming site visit goes smoothly, but just in case it doesn’t, we’ve prepared some step-by-step instructions for how to get your visit back on track.

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