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The Visit Agenda, Team Work Schedule, and Processing the Site Visit Report

The Visit Agenda and Team Work Schedule

The team chair is responsible in collaboration with the nurse administrator for setting the visit agenda. The agenda should be established prior to the visit dates and finalized when the team arrives onsite. The nurse administrator should send the tentative agenda to the team chair six (6) weeks prior to the visit. The team chair must ensure that time has been set aside for the public meeting and should share the agenda with the team members.

When preparing for the visit, the site visit team should consider the program materials that are available online, such as the governing organization and nursing unit websites, and online course syllabi, and course materials in a learning management system. Reviewing available information prior to arriving onsite allows the team more time to address what can only be addressed onsite. The team chair should communicate with the nurse administrator regarding program information available online and secure any necessary passwords needed to access information. It should be noted that, as with the SSR, all web-accessed information is also part of the program review, and, therefore, is the property of the program. No peer evaluator should keep or use any materials from the review after the review process (accreditation decisions made by the Board) is completed unless notified to do so by the ACEN staff.

Processing the Site Visit Report

The team chair must submit the Site Visit Report (SVR) to the ACEN office within one (1) week following the visit. Please email the SVR as an attachment to the designated SVR email address ([email protected]) at the ACEN office. The team chair should make a hard copy of the SVR and keep a copy on a portable drive or computer hard drive as back-up.


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