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Conduct Onsite and Post-Visit Evaluation


ACEN peer evaluators are expected to maintain professional behavior at all times during the onsite review and during the preparatory phases for the onsite review. Not only are you representing the ACEN, you are representing your institution and the nursing profession. The Golden Rule applies – treat others the way you want to be treated, and treat this program the way you want your program to be treated during a site visit. It is important that each peer evaluator is considerate, courteous, cooperative, and committed to the onsite review process. Furthermore, peer evaluators should be approachable and respectful when interacting with the nurse administrator, nursing faculty, students, and college/university administrators. Unprofessional behaviors include discussing your nursing program, providing advice, and not participating in the exit interview. For more details, see ACEN Policy #1 Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest, Conduct and Ethical Guidelines for Nursing Programs and Peer Evaluators.

Although a peer evaluator receives a nominal honorarium, the peer evaluator role is a voluntary position. If unprofessional/inappropriate behavior is exhibited or if a peer evaluator fails to adhere to ACEN policies, guidelines, and procedures, the ACEN is unable to invite a peer evaluator to participate in a future accreditation cycle.

Accreditation Process Evaluation Form

To assist the ACEN in its ongoing review, all peer evaluators are required to complete the site visit evaluation survey that will be sent via email after the site visit. Please complete the survey following the site visit and return it no later than one (1) week after the last day of the visit using the link provided.


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