New Submission Deadlines for Requesting an ACEN Continuing Accreditation Site Visit

Greetings from the ACEN,

The ACEN has implemented new submission deadlines for requesting a continuing accreditation site visit, and these differ from previously communicated information. Additionally, the Site Visit Request Form (formerly known as the Information Form) is now submitted digitally to an automated third-party system, which will send you an automatic confirmation of receipt and store the file securely.

Below is the due date for the Site Visit Request Form based on when your site visit is scheduled:

Date Site Visit Continuing Accreditation Site Visit is ScheduledDue Date for Site Visit Request FormWhen Will I Know the Actual Dates of My Site Visit?
During Fall 2023July 1, 2022During October 2022
During Spring 2024January 2, 2023During March 2023
During Fall 2024July 1, 2023During October 2023
During Spring 2025January 2, 2024During March 2024
During Fall 2025July 1, 2024During October 2024
During Spring 2026January 2, 2025During March 2025
During Fall 2026July 1, 2025During October 2025
During Spring 2027January 2, 2026During March 2026
During Fall 2027July 1, 2026During October 2026
During Spring 2028January 2, 2027During March 2027
During Fall 2028July 1, 2027During October 2027
During Spring 2029January 2, 2028During March 2028
During Fall 2029July 1, 2028During October 2028

Question: How do I know when my next continuing accreditation site visit is?
Answer: Look your program up in “Search ACEN Accredited Programs” at this link See illustration below.

Question: What is the gov id for my program?
Answer: Look your program up in “Search ACEN Accredited Programs” at this link See illustration below.

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Question: How do I access the Site Visit Request Form?
Answer: Access the Site Visit Request Form at this link

PLEASE NOTE: Forms will be process by due date; forms submitted earlier than the due date will not be processed sooner than the due date. This is so we can ensure the preceding site visits are prioritized and logistical groundwork finalized for these site visits.

If you have any questions about completing the form, modifying your visit, or need to update your contact information, please contact the ACEN (404-975-5000) and ask for A’Leyah Finley ([email protected]).