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There is a new federal regulation that requires  all published job placement data be verifiable. Therefore, Policy #29 will be updated to reflect this change. The plan is that although all programs are required to publish their program outcomes data, specifically licensure/certification pass rates and program completion rates, they will now have a choice regarding publication of job placement rate. In accordance with DOE regulations, job placement data may only be published if it is verified. We are aware that most of our programs collect self-reported data from graduates and it is not verified. In these instances, the job placement data should no longer be published. If however, the program does have a verification process for graduate employment, then the data may continue to be published.

During your review, you should check the decision regarding job placement data. So for programs that continue to publish job placement data, peers should include details about how the data is verified by the program as part of Criterion 3.2 and Policy #29. HOWEVER, these are very recent changes and we are in a transition period with these new changes.  Although peers may include these findings in the report narrative, errors in these issues alone would not warrant an area needing development.

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