What To Expect If You Become a Peer Evaluator


Each site visit is conducted by a team of peers with program-specific expertise and, when appropriate, a clinician. For a review of a single nursing program, typically, there are a minimum of three (3) peer evaluators. Graduate programs offering advanced practice nursing options will have at least one (1) team member with current advanced practice certification.

The ACEN staff will assign peer evaluators considering their expertise with multiple program factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Program type(s)
  • Size of program(s) and governing organization
  • Method(s) of program delivery
  • Governance of the governing organization (public, private, religious affiliation, etc.)
  • Setting (urban, suburban, or rural)
  • State

Responsibilities of Team Members

The team member assumes the following responsibilities.

When the ACEN accreditation information packet is received:

  • Reviews all content of the packet

When the materials from the program are received:

  • Reviews all materials
  • Prepares a draft copy of the Site Visit Report/Follow-Up Site Visit Report/Focused Site Visit Report findings prior to the visit and submits draft to the team chair for areas as assigned
  • Makes a list of findings from the Self-Study Report/Follow-Up Report/Focused Visit Report that require additional verification, amplification, or clarification at the time of the site visit

Upon arrival at the site:

  • Assumes responsibility to collect data cooperatively and make observations
  • Further develops Site Visit Report/Follow-Up Visit Report/Focused Site Visit Report based on findings of the onsite visit
  • Participates in the exit meeting with the nurse administrator and any persons invited to be present

After the visit:

  • Retains a copy of the Self-Study Report, final Site Visit Report/Follow-Up Site Visit Report/Focused Site Visit Report, and any other resource materials used/developed during the site visit until the ACEN Board of Commissioners’ decision is finalized, as there are occasionally questions from the Evaluation Review Panel or Board of Commissioners