Travel Disruption


In the event of a travel disruption, please take the steps below:

Step 1

If the travel disruption occurs at the airport, work with the airline directly to get you to your destination. This helps remove the “middle-man” from the equation, allowing for quicker decisions, especially when time or seats are limited.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If the travel disruption is due to mechanical issues, it is the airline’s responsibility to get you to your destination, even if they have to work with another airline to get you there. If you do have to stay overnight, it is also the airline’s responsibility to provide accommodations and food vouchers.
  • If the disruption is related to weather, the airline will work with you to get you to your destination on the next available flight. Please keep in mind that this may be a much later flight or possibly a flight the next morning. More than likely the airport is grounded and flights are unable to arrive or leave. If the delay is weather related, the airlines are not responsible for anything other than getting you to your destination on their airline.

Step 2

If the airline is unable to work with you or if you receive notice of a travel disruption, then seek assistance from AXIOM: +1 (669) 272-1434.

AXIOM can let you know if there are available flights. They will try to work with the airline on your behalf to get you an alternate flight. AXIOM will check all options. Please keep in mind that AXIOM will need to seek approval if purchasing any new air fare/tickets. Approval is through the ACEN office and reviewed on a case by case basis.

Step 3

Contact your team chair to let her/him know of your situation and any changes that may affect the planned team schedule. If you are the team chair, be sure not only to contact your team to let them know what’s going on, but also contact the nurse administrator to inform them of the situation, and to make necessary arrangements to accommodate the changes.

Step 4

If you are unable to come to an acceptable solution to your travel disruption, contact ACEN for further assistance.