Travel Resources for Peer Evaluators


REMINDER:  The host program is now responsible for payment for the hotel room expenses for the peer evaluators. Please do not pay your own hotel fees as this is no longer a reimbursable expense.

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Travel Policy Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance of my visit can I book my travel?

We encourage all team chairs and team members to book their travel through the AXIOM travel system once a team chair and at least one team member has been assigned. Team composition is provided in the team packet. The team chair must communicate with the team members and the nurse administrator to ensure flight times and arrival airports are aligned. The team chair will also coordinate travel to and from the airport with the nurse administrator.

What do I do if I want to drive to my assigned visit?

All requests to drive must be approved by ACEN Volunteer Services at least four (4) weeks prior to the site visit. Pre-approval ensures that the traveler is covered through the ACEN liability insurance while traveling to/from home and to/from the site visit, and ensures reimbursement of this expense. Upon arrival at the hotel, the traveler may not use their personal vehicle to fulfill any aspect of the site visit. The program is responsible for the team chair and team member’s transportation to/from respective program site(s). Reimbursement for use of personal vehicles is calculated based on a rate of .65cents a mile up to the cost of air or rail travel in accordance with the ACEN Travel Policy. You can contact Lori Sharpe, Volunteer Resources Coordinator, via e-mail.

I have not heard from my Team Chair, can I contact the nurse administrator to discuss flight arrival and departure times?

No. Team members may not contact the nurse administrator directly regarding any aspects of the site visit including travel. If a team member is unable to contact the team chair, she/he must contact an ACENN Director for assistance at +1 (404) 975-5000 or via email.

Are there specific times and days of the week that I should book my flights?

Please help us help you, if you need our help. We recommend that all booking is completed Monday – Thursday before 5 pm Eastern Time. Airlines typically have more reasonable rates between Tuesday and Thursday each week, therefore it is our preference that itineraries are confirmed between Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Taking advantage of lower rates often ensure fewer connections and access to optimal travel times. In addition, the ACEN staff is available to assist you with your booking within 24-hours of your request except on weekends and holidays. While there may be individuals on call, we cannot guarantee available assistance with booking your flights prior to the next business day. In the case of holding a flight, most flights will remain on hold for 24 hours following when the hold is placed, however, AXIOM will provide a hold time for your reservation as this time frame is shortened to 6 pm or 10 pm Eastern Time on days when rates are likely to increase. Once the hold time has placed, the itinerary will be released, at which time you will need to restart the booking process.

Can I extend my hotel stay to get a morning flight or for personal business?

If a peer evaluator desires an extension for personal reasons, all expenses outside of those required to fulfill the visit will not be reimbursed. Prior approval from ACEN Volunteer Services is required. Lori Sharpe, Volunteer Resources Coordinator, can be contacted via e-mail. The peer evaluator must pay for an extended stay related to personal business; an extended stay expense related to personal business will not be reimbursed.