ACEN Schedule of Fees – Service Fees

2019 Fee Schedule for programs currently accredited and planning for continuing accreditation,
effective January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

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Additional service fees which may be incurred during initial accreditation or continuing accreditation processes. Charged only if and when a service is performed. Not applicable to all programs.

Focused Visit Fee (plus all direct expenses related to visit)
A focused visit is a site visit authorized by the ACEN Board of Commissioners to review significant accreditation-related information disclosed about an accredited nursing program as a result of one (1) or more program changes.*
$ 2,350.00
plus all direct expenses related to visit
Follow-Up Visit
A follow-up visit is a site visit authorized by the ACEN Board of Commissioners to review an accredited nursing program when the program is granted one of the following: (a) Continuing Accreditation with Warning, (b) Continuing Accreditation with Good Cause, and in selected cases (c) Continuing Accreditation with Conditions.
Continuing Accreditation Review Fee
A one-time fee per program, charged in advance of the follow-up visit; invoice date TBA.
$ 1,000.00
Site Visit Fee (per peer evaluator per day) $ 825.00**
Reprocessing/Rescheduling Site Visit Fee
Fee is charged for rescheduling any already scheduled site visit – initial accreditation visit, continuing accreditation visit, focused visit, or follow-up visit.
$ 1,250.00
Appeal Fee
The Appeal Fee applies only to programs denied initial accreditation or continuing accreditation by the ACEN Board of Commissioners and the program chooses to appeal the Board’s decision.
Notice of Intent to Appeal Fee (per program) $ 5,000.00
Appeal Process Fee (per program) $ 10,000.00
Administrative Appeal Fee
Reference Policy #10 Appeal Process and Submission and Review of New Financial Information Subsequent to Adverse Action for more information.
$ 2,500.00


* (a) A substantive change; (b) Information revealed about a program between periods of scheduled review; (c) Information received from the governing organization’s accrediting body related to an adverse action; (d) Information received from the program’s state regulatory agency for nursing related to a change in its status; (e) Information revealed by a program during the Evaluation Review Panel process; (f) Information received from the U.S. Department of Education regarding a program’s compliance responsibilities under Title IV of the Higher Education Act such as information related to a program’s most recent student loan default rates, the results of financial or compliance audits, program reviews, and any other information that may be provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

**Fees are $915 until May 1, 2019


Download the 2019 ACEN Schedule of Fees (PDF Format)
Download an Illustration of Cost with Timeline (PDF Format) (an example of one nursing program within the same nursing education unit)