Proposed Revisions of Policy #38

To:        ACEN Constituents

From:   Marcy Stoll, CEO

Date:     Nov 12, 2020

Re:         Proposed Revisions of Policy #38

Per ACEN Policy #11 Public Notice of Proposed Policy Changes, the ACEN is providing notice of proposed revisions to Policy #38.
Interested parties have the opportunity to offer comments from November 12, 2020 to December 12, 2020.

Legend for proposed changes:

Proposed deletions have strikethrough and highlighted in yellow.
Additions are in red text.
Changes can be found HERE

Manual Policy #38 Binding Arbitration Update

Rationale for All Proposed Changes

The United States Department of Education (USDE) recently revised federal regulations, which become effective July 1, 2020. The proposed changes are required to be consistent with the new federal regulations.

Effective date of Implementation of Changes of Proposed Changes

Immediately upon the approval of the ACEN Board of Commissioners. The ACEN Board of Commissioners is scheduled to meet March 24-25, 2021.

Please contact Jessica Gibson with comments, questions, and concerns.
Jessica Gibson
Executive Assistant to the CEO
[email protected]