Mingle with Marcy: Bridges Reader Survey

Bridges Reader Survey

What does “make a change mean?” The common definition of “change” is “to make different,” “to transform,” or “to modify.” Change can make a difference and result in improvement, especially when combined with creativity, knowledge, and a desire to be better.

Your ACEN Board of Commissioners and staff continuously desire to be serve you better and support your success in accreditation. Just like ACEN-accredited nursing programs are expected to engage in ongoing assessment, the ACEN does too. Like nursing programs, some changes are driven by data and others are driven “by knowing.” Knowing while something is working, it could be better. Your ACEN is committed to being better so you are better served.

In that spirit, the ACEN staff routinely review resources for programs and peer evaluators. Occasionally, the review results in change and sometimes it doesn’t. This time, the review of the report guidelines resulted in a change; a transformation we believe makes the guidelines easier to understand, offers more assistance to program faculty and leaders, and will result in the writing of a better report.

Offer your feedback regarding the ACEN resources by completing this short Survey.