Sample Agenda for Programs on Good Cause


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Day One


  • Evidence room orientation (30 minutes)1
  • Conference with the nurse administrator (morning conference)2
  • Conference with the Chief Executive Officer of the governing organization and/or the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer (30-45 minutes)
  • Conference with other administrative persons of the institution, e.g., Academic Dean, Finance Officer (30-45 minutes) (The conference with the administrative persons including the Chief
  • Executive Officer and the other administrative may be combined)
  • Conference with student support personnel, e.g., counselor, admissions officer, financial aid officer (30-60 minutes; may be arranged as a group)
  • Meeting with students (90 minutes)
  • Meeting with nursing faculty (2 hours)
  • Review of faculty records (if Standard 2 is under review) (time frame varies depending on the number of full- and part-time faculty)
  • Review of materials in document room (late afternoon review) (60 minutes)
  • Conference with the nurse administrator (afternoon/evening conference)

Day Two

  • Conference with the nurse administrator (morning conference)
  • Tour of clinical agencies (if Standard 4 is under review) (60 minutes per clinical facility) (plan travel time appropriately)3
  • Observe classroom/laboratory activities (if Standards 4 and/or 6 are under review) (30-45 minutes)
  • Tour of educational facilities (if Standards 4 and/or 5 is under review) (30 minutes)
  • Conference with librarian; tour of library/learning resource center (If Standard 5 is under review) (30 minutes); may be conducted with the tour of the educational facilities
  • Meeting with general education faculty (if Standard 4 is under review)
  • Review of student records (if Standard 3 is under review) (a minimum of 10% including all options and locations) (timeframe varies depending on the number of students)
  • Meeting with members of the Public (30-60 minutes) (the Public Meeting should NOT include employees of the governing organization)
  • Team wrap-up and review of documents (30 minutes)
  • Pre-Exit Meeting with the nurse administrator
  • Exit Meeting (Questions during the Exit Meeting are not permitted) (30 minutes)


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  1. Time frames are only provided as a guide.
  2. The Team Chair will arrange to meet with the nurse administrator at the beginning and end of each day and throughout the visit.
  3. Clinical units selected for visitation should have students present and be prepared to meet with the peer evaluators.