Guidelines: List of Documents Reviewed


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To ensure the accuracy of this information, the nursing program is asked to prepare a list of all materials available in the document display room.

Please ask the program to provide a flash drive containing the prepared lists during the site visit.Please note that document dates are critical information.



Using the following category listings and format, list all of the documents available for review onsite, including dates in chronological order (ex: Student Handbook, 2011; 2012; 2013). If a document is undated but currently in use, “current” may be substituted for a specific date.


Catalogs, Handbooks, and Manuals

College Catalog, 20XX
Employee Manual, 20XX
Nursing Faculty Handbook,20XX
Nursing Student Handbook, 20XX
College Policy and Procedure Manual, current


External Constituency Documents

[Insert State Board of Nursing] Report, 20XX; 20XX; 20XX
[Insert Governing Organization Accrediting Agency] Report, 20XX; 20XX; 20XX
State Employees Union Contract, 20XX-20XX
NLNAC/ACEN Annual Reports, 20XX; 20XX; 20XX


Nursing/Governing Organization Documents

University Strategic Plan, 20XX-20XX
Nursing Department Organizational Chart, 20XX
College-wide Committee Memberships, 20XX-20XX; 20XX-20XX
Articulation Agreements, current
Nursing Program Position Descriptions, current
Full-and Part-time Faculty Curricula Vitae, current
Student Records, Current Students and Recent Graduates
Default Rates, 20XX; 20XX; 20XX
Class and Clinical Schedules, Fall 20XX; Spring 20XX
Clinical Contracts, current
Budget Report, 20XX; 20XX; 20XX
Student Exit Survey Files, 20XX-20XX


Meeting Minutes

Curriculum Committee meeting minutes, 20XX-20XX; 20XX-20XX; 20XX-20XX
Faculty Development Committee meeting minutes, 20XX-20XX; 20XX-20XX
Advisory Committee meeting minutes, 20XX
Student Nurse Association meeting minutes, 20XX-present


Course Materials

Course Syllabi, Spring 20XX; Fall 20XX; Spring 20XX
Clinical Evaluation Tools, 20XX-20XX
Samples of Case Studies, 20XX-20XX
Samples of Student Assignments, 20XX-20XX