Guidelines: Interviews


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To ensure the accuracy of this information, the nursing program is asked to prepare a list of all individuals and groups interviewed, course numbers and names of classes attended, and names of clinical agencies visited.

The Site Visit Report template for Spring 2016 has been revised. Templates will be distributed within two (2) weeks of the site visit. Changes have been made to the classroom and clinical observations section. Please see p. 2 for information about completing this section.


Please ask the program to provide a flash drive containing a Word document of the prepared lists during the site visit. Please note that credentials are critical information.



Provide the names; credentials, in order of highest degree to lowest, followed by licenses and certifications (ex: EdD, MSN, RN, CNE); and titles of all individual and group conference participants. For student groups, include the number of students in each program and/or level; names are not needed.

Please note that individuals interviewed during classroom and clinical observations will be listed in the Classroom and Clinical Observation Section of the Site Visit Report; it is not necessary to include them in the interviews list.


Individual Conferences

Cynthia Hilber, PhD, MSN, RN, Nursing Program Director
Janet Washington, PhD, President
Robert White, MS, Vice President of Finance and Administration


Group Conferences

College Administrators
Robert Donaldson, EdD, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Jessica Barrett, PhD, Dean of Graduate Programs

Nursing Faculty
Jane Schmidt, PhD, MSN, RN
Helen Jones, DNS, APRN, RN
Alex Marcum, MSN, RN

General Education Faculty
Bruce Taylor, PhD, Biology Department
Rhonda Sobaski, EdD, Psychology Department
Jason Akoto, MS, Microbiology Department

Student Support Services
Linda Holt, PhD, Executive Director of Retention
Sharon Griffin, MEd, Registrar
Beverly Sanders, MEd, Financial Aid Director

Nursing Students
Master’s students, n=XX
First-level baccalaureate students, n=XX



Please use the following tables to complete the classroom and clinical observation section. Space will be provided to include a description of your observations.

Classroom Observation #1

Course Prefix, Number, and Title: (Ex: NURS 123 Fundamentals of Nursing)
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face

Distance Education

Faculty Name and Credentials:
Number of Students in Attendance


Supporting Narrative:


Clinical Observation #1

Clinical Agency:
Unit(s) Visited (Optional):
Faculty Name and Credentials:
Agency Representatives Interviewed:
Number of Students Interviewed:
Course Prefix, Number, and Title:  (Ex: NURS 123 Fundamentals of Nursing)


Supporting Narrative: