Evaluation Review Panel


The peer Evaluation Review Panel (ERP) is appointed by the ACEN Board of Commissioners. The role of the ERP is to assure that the process of peer evaluation has been carried out according to the Accreditation Standards and Criteria. The panelists review the findings of the visit team as presented in the Site Visitors’ Report compared to the program self-study and make a recommendation for accreditation status to the Commission.

The role of the Evaluation Review Panel is to validate the work of the site visitors and extend it by noting points of agreement and raising any questions where disagreement or a lack of clarity exists. In the latter case, site visitors are available by telephone during panel deliberations and may enter into discussion with the panel to assure an accurate understanding of the Site Visitors’ Report. The aim is to promote a seamless review that has integrity and does justice to the program under review. The role of the professional staff is to facilitate the work of both review groups.

Panelists do not conduct a de novo review of the program(s). Rather, they determine the adequacy of the evidence to support each standard and criterion. The purpose is to see that the ACEN Standards and Criteria are applied consistently across all programs reviewed by the panel. Finally, they make a recommendation to the Commission on the accreditation status of each program.

For dates of upcoming Evaluation Review Panel meetings, please see the Current and Upcoming Site Visits page.

For more information, contact Christine Favole at +1 (404) 975-5000

Nursing Program Representative Attendance at the Evaluation Review Panel Meeting

The nurse administrator and one (1) additional program representative may attend the deliberations of the Evaluation Review Panel about the program in person* or by telephone conference. The attendees are observers during the presentation of the program, panel deliberations, and vote; attendees will not be asked to respond to questions or to clarify information. No documents relative to developments occurring after the site visit may be used during the deliberations. At the conclusion of the panel deliberations, the nurse administrator is invited to address the Evaluation Review Panel.

  • Evaluation Review Panel Meetings held by web conference may only be attended by telephone conference.