Evaluation Review Panel – Reviewer Availability

Evaluation Review Panel


Please submit by Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Evaluation Review Panel Availability - June and August 2022

  • Which nursing program type(s) is/are ACEN-accredited at your governing organization? (check all that apply)
  • Which nursing program types are do you have experience in, in the past 5 years? (check all that apply)
  • Do you have experience with Distance Education?
  • How many Evaluation Review Panels have you previously served on?
  • On which days will you be available to serve as an ERP Program Reviewer? (check all that apply)

    A panel assignment may consist of 1-2 days. Tentative time of day is between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Exact schedule will be confirmed at a later date.

    Please note that all June 2022 ERP panel face-to-face participants must be fully vaccinated in advance of the meetings. An attestation to your vaccination status will be required.

Please submit by Tuesday, February 8, 2022