COVID-19 Scholarship for ACEN-Accredited Programs

COVID-19 Scholarship

This year we were able to expand online access to programs/services and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these plans. The content of the Self-Study Forum was developed into an eCourse entitled Understanding and Applying the ACEN Standards and Criteria and the content of the Program Administrator Workshop developed into an eCourse entitled Effectively Leading an ACEN Accredited Program. As your supportive partner, we are offering a one-time $100.00 COVID Relief Scholarship per ACEN-accredited nursing program to use toward either eCourse. We hope the scholarship helps with all the challenges you and your colleagues are juggling. This scholarship is valid until December 1, 2021.


When registering for one of the eCourses (Understanding and Applying the ACEN Standards and Criteria or Effectively Leading an ACEN Accredited Program), follow the steps outlined below.

1. RECIEVE PROPER APPROVAL: Ensure that you have proper approval prior to claiming this offer. An ACEN accredited program can only use this scholarship offer ONE TIME towards any ONE registration. If you are registering as a group, please select ONE recipient to apply the $100 OFF. You may NOT use the COVID-19 Relief Scholarship towards any other ACEN offerings.

2. CLAIM THIS OFFER: Answer YES to the questions related to the scholarship to submit a request to use this $100 scholarship. Please note that your registration will go into PENDING STATUS while the ACEN verifies the scholarship has not already been redemeed by another faculty or staff member. Your selected payment method will not be processed with the $100 deduction until the registration is approved. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive a status update via email.

3. ENTER YOUR REDEMPTION CODE: All nurse administrators of programs accredited by the ACEN on or before November 23, 2020 will have received an email with a redemption code. Please enter this code where required. ACEN encourages you to redeem this $100 scholarship before the deadline of December 1, 2021.

*Nurse Administrators should have received their one-time use redemption code via email. If you have not received your email please contact Breanna Blalock at [email protected]*