Candidacy Bulletin Subscription Form


Adding details into this form adds the e-mail address to our Candidacy Bulletin mailing list. It is not a formal newsletter but allows us a simple way to reach out to people within the eligibility/candidacy segment whenever we have relevant information that needs to be shared. Please be mindful that an automatic Welcome e-mail is launched when you enter their information, so the recipient will see that a third party added them to the mailing list. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you inform them BEFORE adding them. Tell them that as a courtesy we are adding them to our Candidacy Bulletin to keep them abreast of news and changes.

Please note: The required “Source” field should be populated with the text Eligible on [date on which they became eligible] (or the date on which they became a candidate, if they have already reached that stage when you add them), and your initials.