ACEN’s Transition-to-Practice accreditation Program Recognized

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), which a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association, recognizes healthcare organizations that promote nursing excellence, quality patient outcomes, and safe, positive work environments. The ANCC Magnet Recognition® and Pathway to Excellence® programs both have standards related to Transition-to-Practice programs. Both of these ANCC programs now recognize the ACEN’s Transition-to-Practice accreditation program as an approved accreditation process for meeting selected aspects of their credentialing standards. Being accepted by both of these ANCC programs amplifies the quality of the ACEN’s Transition-to-Practice accreditation program, showcasing the focus on high standards for patient care, staff support and motivation, shared decision-making, professional development, and outcomes. This designation aligns with the ACEN’s mission to support the interests of nursing education, nursing practice, and the public through the functions of accreditation.

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