Let us help you navigate the process!

The ACEN is committed to assisting you in the further improvement of your nursing education programs. Several types of resources to assist programs with meeting their accreditation goals are provided. These resources include:

Professional Staff
The ACEN professional staff are seasoned educators who are committed to helping programs navigate the accreditation process.  Please do not hesitate to contact us  with any questions about the ACEN Standards and Criteria, policies, or procedures. We are here to help!

Self-Study Forums
These forums provide attendees an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the ACEN Standards and Criteria, the self-study process, as well as guidance for writing the Self-Study Report. Bring your questions and get hands on experience with writing to the Standards and Criteria in the Self-Study Report

Program Administrators Workshops
These workshops assist the novice or advanced-beginner nurse administrator who is leading an accredited program. Information related to accreditation policies, processes, and maintaining compliance with the ACEN Standards and Criteria is provided.  The Nurse Administrator Workshops are a great way to network and share experiences with others who are in the same boat.

Online Resources for Nursing Programs
This online resource provides links to the ACEN Accreditation Manual, Standards and Criteria, guidelines, instructions, and templates .

For programs seeking more intensive support, the ACEN offers the following options:

Site Visit Observer
Have you ever wanted to know what the peer evaluators look for as they come to visit your program? This option provides programs with an opportunity to send a faculty member with a site visit team to observe, and obtain insight, on the peer evaluation experience and process.

Advisory Review
Would your program like more extensive help from the professional staff? This option provides you an opportunity for more comprehensive feedback from a professional staff member. This would usually occur one to two years before a scheduled site visit.