ACEN Accreditation Manual – Policy 31


ACEN Accreditation Manual – Section II Policies


A governing organization and/or nursing program shall demonstrate honesty and integrity in all disclosures to the ACEN and its representatives, students, and the public. A governing organization/nursing program in disclosing any information to the ACEN and its representatives, students, and the public shall:

  1. Disclose all voluntary, required, or requested information in a timely manner;
  2. Fully, accurately, and straightforwardly disclose all voluntary, required, or requested information, including data, whether complimentary or otherwise; and
  3. Comply with all of the ACEN’s requirements, policies, guidelines, decisions, and requests.

The ACEN accredits selected types of governing organizations (see Policy #3 Eligibility for Initial and Continuing Accreditation) and all types of nursing programs, not individuals. Therefore, any individual who reports to the ACEN on behalf of a governing organization/nursing program, either by virtue of his or her office or as delegated by the chief executive officer of the governing organization, obligates the governing organization and nursing program in all matters regarding integrity. Additionally, in order to comply with the requirements for honesty and integrity, appropriate representatives (e.g., nurse administrator, chief executive officer, etc.) of the governing organization are obligated to review and ensure the honesty and integrity of information disclosed.

With due regard for confidentiality, a governing organization/nursing program applying for candidacy or seeking initial or continuing accreditation shall provide ACEN and its representatives with unrestricted access to all aspects of its operations, including information about the governing organization’s/nursing program’s affairs, including, but not limited to, reports of other accrediting, licensing, and auditing agencies.

If the ACEN has reason to believe that a governing organization/nursing program has breached this policy, the ACEN will conduct an investigation and issue a report of its findings. The investigation will utilize an appropriate process. The governing organization/nursing program will have the opportunity to respond to any alleged breach prior to the ACEN imposing a sanction.

Presenting false, distorted, or incomplete information of any type, either through intent or through failure to exercise care and diligence, is considered a breach of this policy. Failure to respond appropriately to the ACEN decisions and requests in a timely manner, or to make complete, accurate, and honest disclosure, is sufficient reason, in and of itself, for the ACEN to impose a sanction.

Verified breaches may adversely affect the governing organization’s/nursing program’s accreditation status with the ACEN. Depending on the seriousness of the breach, sanctions by the ACEN Board of Commissioners may result in a letter of censure, being placed on warning, being denied continuing accreditation and being removed from the listing of accredited nursing programs, or being denied initial accreditation. Only the decisions by the ACEN Board of Commissioners to deny continuing accreditation and remove a governing organization/nursing program from the listing of accredited programs or to deny initial accreditation are appealable actions.

Policy #31 History
Developed October 2016
Edited June 2022