ACEN Accreditation Manual – Policy 29


ACEN Accreditation Manual – Section II Policies

Advertising and Recruitment of Students


The governing organization/nursing program ensures in institutional and programmatic publications that:

  1. The nursing program and institutional/programmatic services offered to facilitate student success are the primary emphasis of all advertisements, publications, promotional literature, and recruitment activities.
  2. All statements and representations are clear, factually accurate, and current. Supporting information is kept on file and readily available for review.
  3. The publications are freely accessible (e.g., website, physical copy) and accurately depict the current:
    1. governing organization and nursing program purpose and goals
    2. admission requirements and procedures for all nursing students
    3. transfer of credit policy
    4. academic calendar
    5. tuition, fees, and other nursing program costs, including any fees associated with verification of student identity related to distance education
    6. refund of costs policy and procedures
    7. financial aid opportunities and requirements
    8. grading system and related policies
    9. curriculum for the nursing program, including all program options, with required course sequence, normal length of time required to complete the curriculum, and the frequency of which each course is offered
    10. general education requirements
    11. completion requirements for the nursing program, including all program options
    12. end-of-program student learning outcomes and program outcomes
    13. student conduct rules
    14. student grievance policy and procedures
    15. institutional/programmatic facilities and services readily available for educational use, including alternative methods of delivery
    16. career opportunities
    17. national and/or state legal requirements for eligibility for licensure or entry into the nursing profession
    18. student achievement data
      1. The following student achievement data must be published and must be consistent with ACEN Accreditation Standard 6 Outcomes:
        1. graduates’ success on the licensure and/or certification examination
        2. students’ completion of the nursing program
      2. The following student achievement data may be published and if published, must be consistent with ACEN Accreditation Standard 6 Outcomes:
        1. graduates obtaining a job
        2. Additional student achievement data as the governing organization/nursing program considers appropriate

All student achievement data reported/published for any purpose is expected to reflect an accurate and verifiable portrayal of a nursing program’s performance, which is subject to review for integrity, accuracy, and completeness. The ACEN reserves the right to request that a governing organization/nursing program provide verification by an external source of a nursing program’s student achievement data that the ACEN relies on, in part, in making an accreditation decision. The governing organization/nursing program is responsible for any cost related to verification by an external sources of a nursing program’s student achievement data.


  1. Student recruitment is conducted by well-qualified admissions officers and trained volunteers whose credentials, purpose, and position or affiliation with the governing organization is clearly specified.
  2. Independent contractors or agents used by the governing organization for recruiting purposes are governed by the same principles as employees of the governing organization.
  3. Governing organizations follow federal guidelines regarding compensation for student recruitment and admission activities.
  4. Governing organizations do not engage in the following practices:
    1. assuring employment unless employment arrangements have been made and can be verified
    2. misrepresenting job placement and employment opportunities for graduates
    3. misrepresenting program costs
    4. disparaging comparisons of secondary or postsecondary institutions
    5. misrepresenting abilities required to complete intended program
    6. offering money or inducements other than educational services of the governing organization in exchange for student enrollment (except for awards of privately endowed restricted funds, grants or scholarships are to be offered only on the basis of specific criteria related to merit or financial need)

Policy #29 History
Developed March 2016
Revised October 2016
Edited March 2018
Edited December 2020

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