ACEN Accreditation Manual – Policy 18

ACEN Accreditation Manual – Section II Policies

Accreditation Status of the Governing Organization

The governing organization offering an ACEN-accredited nursing program must be accredited by an agency recognized by the ACEN. See ACEN Policy #3 Eligibility for Initial and Continuing Accreditation. If the institutional accrediting agency revokes its accreditation of the governing organization, the nurse administrator shall submit to the ACEN Chief Executive Officer within 24 hours of the notification of the action taken by the institutional accrediting agency, a report explaining the reason(s) for the decision and the effect of the decision on the program. The ACEN Board of Commissioners will determine appropriate follow-up action(s) following review of the submitted report.


Policy #18 History
Revised July 2015
Edited March 2019

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