ACEN Accreditation Manual – Policy 17

ACEN Accreditation Manual – Section II Policies

State Regulatory Agency for Nursing Approval


Please see the ACEN Glossary for the definition of the following terms:

If a nursing program has a change in its approval status with the state regulatory agency for nursing, the administrator of the program shall immediately submit to the ACEN a report explaining the reasons for the decision, a copy of the letter received from the state regulatory agency for nursing, and a report detailing the plans to correct the situation. The ACEN Board of Commissioners will determine appropriate follow-up actions after review of the submitted materials. The accreditation status of the nursing program may be changed. See ACEN Policy #19 Focused Visit. Refer to Policy #14 Reporting Substantive Changes and the Closing Report Templates: See ACEN Policy #16 Closings.


Policy #17 History
Revised July 2015
Edited July 2020

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