Call for Nominations


ACEN Board of Commissioners and ACEN Nominating Committee

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) is seeking nominations for five Commissioners for the ACEN Board of Commissioners and one member for the ACEN Nominating Committee. The ACEN values the perspectives of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and seeks to include the broadest range of perspectives within the composition of the Board of Commissioners and the Nominating Committee.

ACEN Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the governing board for the ACEN, which oversees the business, property and funds of the Corporation. The majority of the Commissioners’ time and effort is related to reviewing nursing programs seeking initial or continuing accreditation with the ACEN.

  1. One nurse educator for a three-year term representing baccalaureate nursing programs
  2. One nurse educator for a three-year term representing associate nursing programs
  3. One nurse educator for a three-year term representing practical nursing programs
  4. One nurse clinician/practitioner for a three-year term representing nursing service
  5. One member of the public for a three-year term

See ACEN Policy #2 Representation on Site Visit Teams, Evaluation Review Panels and the Board of Commissioners for eligibility information to serve as a nurse educator, nursing clinician/practitioner, or member of the public.

See ACEN Policy #1 for Conflicts of Interest.

See ACEN Bylaws for role and responsibilities of Commissioners.

ACEN Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares the slate of candidates for the ACEN Board of Commissioners from the nominations made. See ACEN Policy #1 for Conflicts of Interest.

  1. One nurse educator, nursing clinician/practitioner, or member of the public for a three-year term

Nomination Process

We encourage you to nominate a colleague or yourself for one of these important leadership positions. Nominations are due to the ACEN office by December 13, 2019. We hope you will consider serving in one of these essential leadership roles in support of nursing education programs.

  1. If you are interested in serving on the Commission or Nominating Committee, please send a copy of your current resume/CV, a letter indicating interest, and a completed ACEN Certification form to the ACEN office.
  2. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please provide the name and contact information, and the ACEN staff will contact the individual.

Nominations should be sent to the ACEN as follows:

Jessica Dermody
Executive Assistant to the CEO
3390 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 1400 Atlanta GA, 30326
Email: [email protected]

More information about the Commission

Overall Structure of the Commission

The ACEN is governed by a 17-member Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners are elected by the representatives of ACEN-accredited nursing programs. The legal basis for the foundation and structure of the Commission is outlined in the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation.

Board of Commissioners

  1. Eleven Commissioners are nurse educators representing ACEN-accredited programs, three Commissioners represent the public, and three Commissioners represent nursing service. Names, credentials, and affiliations of current Commissioners are available at
  2. Commissioners are diversified and ensure balanced representation from across identified constituencies insofar as possible.
  3. No Governor, officer, or employee of the National League for Nursing (NLN) or employee of the ACEN may serve as a Commissioner.
  4. The Board of Commissioners sets accreditation policy and makes accreditation, administrative, budget, and policy decisions.
  5. Decision of accreditation status is made by the Commissioners based on review of program materials, the Site Visit Report and the site visitors’ recommendation, and the recommendation of the Evaluation Review Panel.
  6. Commissioners serve as chairpersons of the Evaluation Review Panels.