The ACEN employs a variety of platforms to ensure constituents can receive relevant news and alerts in the most convenient way possible. These methods include:


Bridges Your quarterly ACEN newsletter View Bridges archives
Signal Flame An intermittent news announcements channel which accompanies your Bridges subscription  View most recent issue
April 9, 2019
ACEN Events Monthly communications detailing upcoming ACEN events and CEU opportunities View most recent issue
September 10, 2019
TTP News Alerts
A periodical for program administrators, faculty, and staff of accredited TTP programs or TTP programs interested in accreditation
International News Alerts
Periodic news alerts for anyone interested in ACEN’s international efforts, particularly administrators, faculty, and staff of already accredited international nursing programs
Candidacy Bulletin
An intermittent newsletter for program administrators, faculty, and staff of candidate programs or prospective candidate programs  NEW!
Faculty Bulletin
A periodical for faculty of accredited programs, designed to help them stay involved in the accreditation process  NEW!
Policy Review
A bi-monthly (every 8 weeks) newsletter highlighting practical application of a select ACEN policy  NEW!
Peer Evaluator Bulletin
An intermittent electronic communication for current and prospective peer evaluators which addresses current FAQs related specifically to the peer evaluator experience  NEW!

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