Report to Constituents


As stated in the ACEN Accreditation Manual Policy #24 – Assessment of the Adequacy of Standards and Criteria, ACEN Process, and Practices, the ACEN maintains an ongoing systematic review designed to ensure that:

  1. the Standards and Criteria are valid and reliable indicators of the education quality provided by accredited programs and are relevant to the educational needs of students;
  2. ACEN processes are reliable and assess knowledge and consistency of observations, applications, decisions, and perceptions; and
  3. there are broad communications and consultations across constituencies.

The findings from the ongoing review are used for development, maintenance, and revision of the ACEN Accreditation Standards and Criteria, processes, and practices. Evidence to support ongoing systematic review appears in Commission minutes, annual reports, the ACEN Report to Constituents, on the ACEN website, and at the ACEN Forums.

Below please find the three most recent reports (PDF):