About the ACEN Nursing Education Accreditation Conference

2022 Conference Theme:

Peers within Nursing Education discuss what the “new normal” looks like and how positive alternatives and opportunities were created through the disruptions that the pandemic created for governing organizations, nursing programs, classrooms, hospitals, clinical experiences, preceptor experiences, teaching/ learning methods, curricula, resources, outcomes, and technology.

When & Where

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The Nursing Education Accreditation Conference strives to exemplify the philosophy of accreditation and transition-to-practice programs by providing nursing administrators, faculty and students:

  • A community of scholarship in which to exchange a variety of novel ideas, share successes/ failures, and keep current with contemporary practices in nursing education
  • Personal support through individualized methods that develop and strengthen the effectiveness of accreditation
  • An opportunity to connect with colleagues from all levels of nursing preparation, applaud achievements as a community, and celebrate nurses’ global leadership in health outcomes


The goal of the Nursing Education Accreditation Conference is to create an engaged learning experience that empowers nursing administrators, faculty and students by imparting concepts that enhance the educational quality of nursing programs and contribute to organizational growth.

Core Values

In the pursuit of our primary mission, the Nursing Education Accreditation Conference affirms the following core values:

  • Establish Real Connections
  • Cultivate Meaningful Exchange
  • Build an Inclusive Culture