Nursing Program Representative Attendance at the Evaluation Review Panel Meeting

The nurse administrator and one (1) additional program representative may attend the deliberations of the Evaluation Review Panel about the program in person or representatives of the program may participate in the Evaluation Review Panel deliberations by telephone conference call. The participants are observers during the presentation of the program, ERP deliberations, and vote and will not be asked to respond to questions or to clarify information. At the conclusion of the ERP deliberations, the nurse administrator is invited to address the Panel with regards to the overall process.

May/June 2018 Evaluation Review Panel Participation Forms

Focused Site Visits
Nursing Program Participation Form (May 23, 2018)

Fall 2017 Accreditation Cycle: Initial/Continuing Accreditation Site Visits and Follow-Up Reports
Nursing Program Participation Form (May 30, 2018 -June 1, 2018)


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