Effectively Leading an ACEN-Accredited Program: A Workshop for the Nurse Administrator

In the previous three years, approximately 1,000 ACEN-Accredited Programs have appointed a new nurse administrator. Learning the role and responsibilities of the nurse administrator and progressing from a novice to an expert in the position requires a well-planned orientation and mentoring process. This workshop will provide the novice and advanced-beginner nurse administrator with information related to accreditation policies and processes. Attendees will be oriented to the responsibilities of the nurse administrator in maintaining compliance with the 2013 ACEN Standards and Criteria and provided with helpful direction related to reporting and maintenance of documentation. If you have been appointed as a new nurse administrator within the past three years or are new to ACEN accreditation, this workshop is for you!

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Workshop Dates

June 19, 2015: Atlanta, Georgia
FILLED TO CAPACITY – Registrations Closed

This workshop will NOT address the same topics as the ACEN Self-Study Forum. Those interested in learning about the development of a Self-Study Report, preparation of a Follow-Up Report, or information related to an onsite accreditation review should register for the ACEN Self-Study Forum.

Please note that the target audience for this workshop is the nurse administrator of a currently-accredited ACEN program with fewer than three years of experience in the role or the nurse administrator of a program that recently obtained ACEN accreditation.