ACEN seeks applicants from international (non-U.S.) nursing programs interested in seeking ACEN accreditation. Applicants must be strong candidates for success in achieving initial ACEN accreditation. Accreditation decisions for international accreditation applicants will be made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners based on recommendations of the site visitors and Evaluation Review Panelists as well as the Commission’s own review of program materials and visitors’ reports. The program’s application and/or participation in the Candidacy process and/or accreditation review do not guarantee initial accreditation by the ACEN.

Non-U.S. nursing programs must meet the following eight (8) minimal eligibility criteria in addition to the eligibility requirements listed in Policy #3 in the ACEN Accreditation Manual:

  1. The nursing program faculty and students must speak and understand English proficiently. Program must produce all documents and written materials which are required for accreditation processes in English. All fiscal documents must be in English with currency equivalents in U.S. dollars.

Although translation services may be required and utilized during any onsite review visit, it will nevertheless be necessary for program representatives, including the faculty, administrators, and students, to communicate proficiently with site visitors in English whether through written documents and correspondence, via telephone, or in interviews. English proficiency will be validated during the eligibility survey process and onsite consultation visit. Programs that do not demonstrate proficiency in English during the onsite consultation visit cannot progress through the accreditation process.

  1. The nursing program must establish through appropriate documentation that it has obtained all governmental and regulatory approval to seek ACEN accreditation.
  2. The nursing program must have financial resources to support its full participation in the application, Candidacy, and accreditation processes. See the Schedule of Accreditation Fees for International Programs.
Application Fee Due at time application is submitted; must accompany the application. Up to half of the application fee is refundable if the program is determined to be ineligible for accreditation by ACEN
Candidacy Fee Due after application is accepted prior to review of any program materials
Consultation Visit Fee Due prior to consultation visit being scheduledAll travel expenses including business class airfare are the responsibility of the program
Site Visit Fee Due prior to site visit being scheduled ALL travel expenses including business class airfare are the responsibility of the program
Annual Accreditation Fee Paid after accreditation is granted and every year thereafter
  1. The nursing program must be willing to abide by all ACEN policies and procedures.

All content in the ACEN Accreditation Manual and in the Manual’s Supplement for International Programs applies to all programs including those selected for international accreditation. ACEN reserves the right to refine and revise policies, procedures, and processes as necessary. Every effort is made to ensure adequate notification of changes in a timely manner.

  1. The nursing program must have a single teaching location.

The nursing program must house administrators, faculty, and teach classes in one location. Clinical experiences may be at local healthcare facilities.

Nursing programs with multiple teaching locations will not be eligible for accreditation at this time but may be eligible for initial accreditation at a later date.

  1. The region in which the nursing program is located must not be identified as hazardous for travel by the U.S. Department of State.

The U.S. Department of State website posts travel warnings which are issued to describe long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable. A travel warning is also issued when the U.S. Government’s ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. All applicants will be screened for safety of travel to that region. Programs in regions with posted travel warnings will not be eligible for accreditation. Programs will be removed from the review process if a travel warning for the program’s region is posted during the period of accreditation review.

  1. The nursing program must have adequate staff to support the process and the activities of the ACEN program evaluators.

The nursing program must contribute in a significant way to the work of the program evaluators including but not limited to preparations for the onsite visits and onsite administrative assistance. It is expected that the nursing program have resources to ensure travel onsite during the visit as well as travel to and from lodging locations and assistance with meals or other needs of the visitors.

  1. The nursing program must agree to host a minimum of two onsite visits including an initial consultation visit and the accreditation site visit. There will be a minimum of two visitors for the consultation visit and a minimum of three visitors for the accreditation site visit.

The purpose of the onsite consultation visit is to determine whether a nursing program will be granted International Candidacy Status and may proceed with the accreditation process. The onsite accreditation site visit is to evaluate the program’s compliance with the ACEN Standards and Criteria.

Additional information can be found in the Accreditation Manual Supplement for International Programs.

Programs will be evaluated using the current ACEN Standards and Criteria as they may be amended.

To apply, programs must complete the International Candidacy Application and submit with all requested documents and a $5,000 application. All applications will be reviewed. Those selected for the Candidacy process will be notified.