ACEN Annual Report

for Postsecondary and Higher Degree Programs in Nursing
2013-2014 Academic Year

The purpose of the ACEN Annual Report is to provide a mechanism to monitor components essential to the maintenance of a quality educational program; and to facilitate the generation and reporting of trended aggregate data concerning nursing education. All programs accredited by the ACEN through the academic year 2013-2014 are required to complete the ACEN Annual Report. The ACEN Annual Report is due by November 17, 2014. For technical assistance with the ACEN Annual Report, please contact Vishal Patel at or by phone at (404) 975-5014.

To proceed, please have your access code available.



The following options are available to you at the bottom of the Annual Report.

SUBMIT – When submitting your Annual Report, you will be asked to print a copy of the Report for your records. Once the Report has been submitted, you will not be able to revise the data submitted. If for some reason you need to revise the data submitted, please contact Vishal Patel at You may view your submitted Report by logging in with your access code.

PRINT – You may print the Annual Report at anytime. You may consider printing the blank Report, gather your data, and return to enter the data when you are ready to submit it.

RESET FORM – Resetting the Report form will clear all fields.

SAVE FOR LATER SUBMISSION – You must use this button to save your Report at its current state. This will allow you to return to the Report to complete and submit it at a later time. Saving your Report does not submit your data to the ACEN office. Your Annual Report is only considered submitted after using the SUBMIT button.