Assessed only if and when a service is performed. Not applicable to all programs.

Focused Visit Fee (plus expenses related to visit)
Reference Policy #19 Focused Visit for more information.
$ 2,350.00


Follow-Up Visit Fee (per evaluator per day)
Reference Policy #4 Types of Commission Actions on Applications for Accreditation for more information.
$ 915.00


Reprocessing/Reschedule Site Visit Fee


$ 1,250.00
Administrative Appeal Fee
Reference Policy #10 Appeal Process and Submission and Review of New Financial Information Subsequent to Adverse Action for more information.


$ 2,500.00
Notice of Intent to Appeal Fee (per program)


$ 5,000.00
Appeal Process Fee (per program)


$ 10,000.00


Download the 2018 ACEN Schedule of Fees (PDF Format)